Landmark Centre Varna

Location: Varna , Bulgaria
Type: Office
Area: 6,300 sqm

The Landmark Centre Varna is located in the city centre of Varna and fronts to the North East side of the busy Slivnitsa Street.

The area is popular with locals and tourists as there are several parks and local amenities in the immediate area such as shops, cafes and restaurants.

The Landmark Centre is a large and imposing building right in the centre of Varna. The location is considered prime for Varna office market, being just nearby to the Municipality.

The redevelopment works replicated the listed old façade and preserved the internal high ceilings, a feature of the building’s original plan. An area of high quality retail space on the ground floor and modern specification office space on the upper floors was also created.

The old military hospital property was renovated with 4 pipe HVAC system, full BMS, generator, three elevators in the middle of the structure with access to all floors. The 2 levels of underground car parking provide 72 car parking spaces.

On the outside, the rear area provides a small enclosed outer space and entrance point for the office staff employed in the building. The proposed allocation of space is 4 units of ground floor retail, possible 24 office units. The renovation was completed in the beginning of 2009.

Project mandate: Developed and managed.