Industrial Zone Varna West

Location: Devnya, Varna , Bulgaria
Type: Under Development

The industrial zone of Devnya, where the project owned by Industrial Zone Varna West Ltd. is located, is occupied predominantly by a chemical cluster of national importance. The zone was created by the government of Bulgaria during communist time and has a special designation, backed by building parameters, ecological requisites and infrastructure that best accommodates the chemicals industry.

The nearby town of Devnya has long since been interlinked with the companies operating in the industrial zone and provide an excellent source of labour force, whilst Varna’s universities provide a constant supply of highly skilled personnel.

Main features of the zone are:
∙ Suitable location from logistical point of view
∙ Excellent access to two independent main roads - motorway Sofia-Varna and main road - Provadia-Devnya-Varna
∙ Railway connection
∙ Proximity to Varna-West port
∙ Electricity supply
∙ Natural gas supply
∙ Water supply and sewage
∙ Chemical and/or heavy industry could be developed

Proximity of the plot to:
Varna – 4.6 km
Varna Sea port – 3.0 km
Varna International Airport – 20.0 km
E70 international highway – 1.5 km
Industrial railway – part of the zone

Since the entire zone has been developed especially for industrial use, the electric grid is able to meet almost any need on demand.

Natural Gas
The territory of Industrial Zone Varna West has an already built and functioning natural gas grid, allowing for a significant increase in current capacity. 

Clean water and water for industrial use available.

Ecological Permits

All of the plots part of the Devnya Industrial Zone are allocated for heavy and chemical industry use, thus ecological restrictions are minimal.

Project mandate: Managed.