Landmark Property Management Jsc is currently one of the largest Property and Facility Management company’s in Bulgaria with over 80 employees that provide services across the country to over 200 000 sq. m.

The competitive advantages of the Company involve on one hand the capabilities to meet the requirements of both the investors and the users of the buildings, and on the other hand – the integration and the usage of modern technologies for the management of the property and facility management processes; management of the daily and the preventive maintenance, cost allocation, budgeting, energy efficiency, etc.

The services cover all aspects of the operations:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance

The property and facility management provide not only expertise, but cutting-edge technologies, advanced processes and systems and economies of scale to manage properties effectively and cost-efficiently.

The dedicated team combines superior understanding of the real estate market and field experience, to provide clients with knowledgeable, creative solutions to their real estate needs.